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05 November 2009 @ 06:07 pm
Also, NaNoWriMo  
It's actually going places?  This is the best I've done since senior year of high school.  It's coming along slowly, but it's actually, you know, getting written.  I just have to keep remembering that I can edit later.  Write now, edit later!  I bought the desktop version of Write or Die, which is really helping, since it means that I can set it to go for twenty minutes and end up with 500 more words.

Also, I got some new shoes, and they're adorable but they also have a 3.5" heel so I'm going to have to learn to walk in heels properly I guess.  They're actually pretty comfy for heels, it's just that I haven't worn heels a lot so I'm not used to the change in balance.

Oh, and today was neat because some of my work from last fall was in an art show for the Arts & Sciences school and I got to go to a reception for it.  It was pretty sweet, and a lot of people said they liked my piece. :3  I was really surprised to get chosen, though, especially since they only pick something like 40 pieces every year out of what I'm guessing is quite a lot.

And I'm totally amused that there's a community called aiyatheydidnt .  That's pretty awesome.