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verity kindle
25 December 2012 @ 12:00 pm
I'm over here, somewhat predictably.
verity kindle
14 October 2011 @ 08:41 pm
Because I like them AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME.  Will be updated every so often as I trawl through my bookmarks lists for particular fandoms.

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verity kindle
17 July 2011 @ 05:30 pm
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10 July 2011 @ 01:32 am
 I am baaaaack on the livejournal wagon for the time being, it appears because I have finally gotten up the nerve to apply for some roleplaying games! \o/ being out of college has improved my free time significantly.  Although wow is having a full time desk job draining.  I just really like to /flop after getting home -_-

oh, right, I graduated, what now

and also I got kind of obsessed with this Madoka Magica thing.

so this is life, I guess
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26 April 2011 @ 10:45 pm
oh hay it's a livejournal

maybe I should use it or something
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01 December 2009 @ 10:11 am
I'm kind of pimping this everywhere, so why not here?

I'm in a class about new media, art, culture, participation and connectivity, and for one of our projects I wrote a small web application that basically imitates one of those line-by-line pass-along stories that you've probably done before. And, of course, I need people to participate, so if you have a few words to spare, I'd appreciate it greatly.

So, without further ado:
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verity kindle
05 November 2009 @ 06:07 pm
It's actually going places?  This is the best I've done since senior year of high school.  It's coming along slowly, but it's actually, you know, getting written.  I just have to keep remembering that I can edit later.  Write now, edit later!  I bought the desktop version of Write or Die, which is really helping, since it means that I can set it to go for twenty minutes and end up with 500 more words.

Also, I got some new shoes, and they're adorable but they also have a 3.5" heel so I'm going to have to learn to walk in heels properly I guess.  They're actually pretty comfy for heels, it's just that I haven't worn heels a lot so I'm not used to the change in balance.

Oh, and today was neat because some of my work from last fall was in an art show for the Arts & Sciences school and I got to go to a reception for it.  It was pretty sweet, and a lot of people said they liked my piece. :3  I was really surprised to get chosen, though, especially since they only pick something like 40 pieces every year out of what I'm guessing is quite a lot.

And I'm totally amused that there's a community called aiyatheydidnt .  That's pretty awesome.
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03 November 2009 @ 09:29 am
If you mention to a guy friend in conversation that you've always wanted to go check out the observatory on campus during open hours and he sends you an e-mail later suggesting you both go when it's open on Friday and you say yes, is it a date?

The answer to this question is very relevant.
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13 October 2009 @ 04:03 pm

My life

Is too busy

I need more time in the day. Like twelve hours.

The problem is I can't get rid of anything because I enjoy it all. (that, or it's required for my major)

Winter quarter cannot come fast enough.

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24 September 2009 @ 11:43 am
I needed something to write about, so it might as well be this.  Er, yes, no and yes, I think--I woke up on the late side this morning and didn't have time to go get a haircut, so that would be neat.  The month overall is actually going pretty well, though.  I would re-do the year if I could, though, since early '09 was, er, not that great which is to say pretty teeth-pullingly awful.

Anyway!  My evil plan to be super fit this year is going swimmingly, although I still feel like I have been run over by a truck from Turbo Kick two days ago.

I think I am going to make a serious effort to get Stay on the Sunny Side hammered out during NaNo this year.  I have the outline pretty much finished, so it should be fairly easy going (although I feel like I should do some character drabbles in the pre-season to get the right feel on the dialogue).  And because it has the potential to be insanely awesome. (That, and I'm kind of hoping to have it polished up for sending off for possible publication before the whole vampire craze dies out.)  Anyway, if anyone cares, I'm going to be blogging my NaNo progress on tumblr this year: sparklynano@tumblr  There will be illustrations and selected excerpts.  Assuming I make it past the first few days, which is always a toss-up.